Our Client Base

Regardless of the type of business you have, MBSP LLP is here to assist you. We understand that all businesses require different levels of assistance and we are here to provide that assistance.

Automotive Dealers

Automobile dealers face unusual financial issues that involve not only customer sales and income but also floor plan financing. MBSP LLP can assist you in all aspects of your automotive sales business including financing, bookkeeping and business valuations.

Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering firms face a unique set of financial issues given that so often their incomes are depending on others to complete their jobs before you can complete yours. Let MBSP LLP help you with your business planning and financial planning.


Transportation firms have significant amount of physical assets as part of their business. Along with these assets there are insurance requirements, taxation and licensing requirements all of which must be adhered to in order to insure your business can continue to grow. Let MBSP LLP assist you with your business needs.

Insurance Brokers

Overall the Canadian Insurance community is facing new pressures on cost, expectations from clients and demands for more sophisticated products and services. At MBSP LLP, we can help you achieve your goals while ensuring you meet all of the legal requirements of your profession.

Professional Corporation

Regardless of the basics of your business, the formation of a professional corporation requires expertise in all financial matters. At MBSP LLP, we can help you with a variety of financial expertise and ensure that your experience with us is friendly and personable.

Consulting & Professional Service Firms

As a consulting firm, you have unique financial needs and your work is often done on a contract basis. At MBSP LLP, we can ensure that your cash flow projections properly reflect the hours you have invested into growing your business. MBSP LLP can also offer you countless other services.


Manufacturing firms are required to run on a strict schedule to meet the needs of their clients. At MBSP LLP, we can help take the reporting off of you by meeting the needs of your bookkeeping and accounting records, helping you manage your accounts payable and receivable and a host of other option.

Health Care

Health Care companies require a level of expertise that not every firm can offer. Because of income and expense levels, insurance requirements and other niche areas of expertise, MBSP LLP is uniquely qualified to assist you with a full range of services for your company.


Not for Profit companies are required to be registered with the Canada Revenue Agency and have specific filing requirements that must be met in Canada. There are also a myriad of regulations that not for profit companies must abide by and at MBSP LLP we can assist you in insuring you remain in compliance.

Tool and Die Shops

Like other businesses that have significant investments in fixed assets, Tool and Die Shops also are faced with a wide range of financial needs. Whether you need assistance in preparing pro forma projections, business valuations or other financial services, MBSP LLP are here to assist you in growing your business.


There are many financial considerations to be dealt with in the pharmaceutical business as well as many tax codes that can be utilized to your benefit. Be certain that you are taking full advantage of all that is available to you by making MBSP LLP your partner in growth and development.

Retail and Wholesalers

As a retailer or a wholesaler, you are depending on sales in order to generate your income. Since your business depends on the success of other businesses, you often find yourself in need of assistance with your accounts payable and receivable. At MBSP LLP, we are here to assist you with all these needs.

Real Estate

As the real estate markets fluctuate, so does your need to keep a firm handle on where your company stands in your area of expertise. By performing regular business valuations and being aware at all times of your companies liabilities MBSP LLP can help ensure that you stay at the top of your field.

Construction Trades & General Contractors

All companies that are involved in the construction trades face a unique set of challenges when the real estate markets are slow. By careful financial planning, you can ensure that your business continues to grow even in slow economic times. Let MBSP LLP help you prepare a thorough plan for your business


Developers businesses are unique in that they require large amounts of cash flow to purchase real estate which is by nature not always very liquid. Because of this, your company needs significant risk management and at MBSP LLP we can help you by providing the necessary financial services for your business.


As a marketing professional you understand that the financial needs of a client must always be carefully weighted when determining their marketing budget. At MBSP LLP we can offer you assistance in a variety of ways designed to benefit your company and help with your growth potential.


Much of the entertainment industry depends on private investments in order to grow. Because of this you require regular cash flow analysis as well as thorough due diligence and regular pro forma projections. MBSP LLP can provide these services to you to help you continue to expand your business.


In addition to the commitment of time, restaurants require a significant amount of capital up front for equipment, furnishings and supplies. On an ongoing basis, cash flow doesn’t always equal the cash output. At MBSP LLP we can assist you in evaluating your restaurants’ needs and helping your business grow.

Renewable Energy

In the growing and increasingly demanding field of renewable energy, extraordinary outlays of assets are required to begin seeing growth in your company. At MBSP LLP, we are here to assist you with developing a strong plan to ensure that your company continues to develop in line with your expectations.